Mystical phenomena have always existed 

In the postwar years there have been many exceptional mystical phenomena like apparitions, visions, divine messages, that have taken place practically in many countries. The well known interested on the subject Rene Laurentin has studied hundreds such cases, publishing many books on these matters which are available at Catholic bookshops. There is quite a number of authors that have written on the subject and it may suffice to recall the international fame of Dr. Laurentin, his former studies at Lourdes and his down-to-earth scientific findings.

On the other hand ...

t is useless to try and convince skeptics and the modern “Pharisees”, because even now – as they used to be before- they are extremely intransigent towards anything that causes them to take a distance from their comfortable situation to which they have devoted their priesthood. From those who teach that God’s miracles were only symbolic or pious factual stories forthcoming from a primitive community which doubted about the Real Presence in the Eucharist, how can one expect these people to show an interest for such appearances?

Forgetting that without the appearances of Jesus after the Resurrection, the Church would not have even been born, they deny God and Our Lady the freedom not so much to confirm new doctrines but to get in touch with their children. Or otherwise they don’t care about creating systematic obstructionism.

Mystical phenomena

have always existed in the history of the Church but not with today’s intensity and global extension as in our century, particularly during its second period. But the Church is divided in two factions: on the one side those who genuinely still believe in the supernatural, on the other those who assert that they believe in it but are intent to make history advance at the same time only by means of human effort, of reason ,activity, efficiency, “culture” thus downplaying the Tradition(Eucharist) to a plain inspiration and abstraction. There is a fake(false)ecumenical movement which is denying the Catholic truths with the object of closing a final agreement at any price with the Protestant thought in the name of modern times, whereas in the background signs of non-christianity, of syncretism and New Age, a future new Age of ecological sinners universally dancing around the “golden calf”, tragic parody of a godless palingenesis(=renewal) are making their appearance.

On which side does the successor of Peter stand? Everybody knows the answer, but it might be less known that in the Vatican itself one third is in his favour and two thirds are against him.

God’s people

 pressurised from every corner by the unleashed movements of materialism and triumphant hedonism.

As Laurentin loves to say “the world has happily surrendered to sin and is running towards its own destruction”.

The word “sin ” itself arouses embarrassment or aversion and nobody talks about it, as if it were a matter of the past. But the horrible daily local and world media factually contradict such illusion .In this overall view of extreme evils, why should not God resort to extreme unusual remedies?

And alas, the extraordinary is among us, he who has eyes can see. Who goes as a pilgrim (not as a tourist) to a place where such appearances happen, can often draw his own conclusions.

The extraordinary is not always a prerequisite for faith, it is a free and mysterious God given gift and in order to fulfil the conversion belief, deeds and inner peace are necessary.

It is not absolutely essential for salvation, but to deny it or ridicule it is reckless.