The Apparitions

The Apparition of September 27th 1992 

(from the Story of the Clairvoyant)

“ During the month of August 1992 while reciting the Holy Rosary in front of the “column” a white cloud began to take shape, which was to stay for the whole time of the Rosary prayer, appearing every Sunday until Sept.27th.

On Sept.27th it appeared more dense and in its middle a face of a beautiful young lady appeared with a shawl on her head. She was crying and tears were pouring down and running over her wonderful face, while many tiny flowers were floating within the tears themselves.

At this sight I started crying and moved by this I closed my eyes, but even with closed eyes the vision continued!

A glare put an end to this vision. When I opened the eyes I saw the dazzling sun whirling around and radiating electromagnetic pulsations.

I asked then the people that were praying with me what they were perceiving and also they by seeing such a strange sun were ecstatic at this wonder and appealing to Jesus and Mary. This phenomenon lasted for about a quarter of an hour, after which the prayer of the Rosary was set forth. At the end the white cloud reappeared with the semblance of the face of the young lady, but without the shawl. She had dense dark hair, black in colour, and she was crying.

Also in this second vision lots of tears were pouring from her eyes in which tiny flowers were floating. Our Lady did not utter a word but it was all the same an impressive vision,whereas the others had only seen the phenomenon of the sun.”.

Also among human beings words are not needed to transmit feelings, while peculiar ways of expression or attitudes are more efficient conveying them. If Our Lady cries evidently She does so because what She perceives about Her sons is pitiful. If then she cries tears of blood, like in Civitavecchia in the hands of the Bishop, it means that She intends to send a solemn and serious message, a kind of warning that cannot be ignored.

At Seven Oaks she has also shown the sign of the flowers running in Her tears, unusual and unique fact, that can be interpreted as grace from Her to us, donated to those who show an open heart.