Mystical phenomena have always existed in the history of the Church but not with today’s intensity and global extension as in our century, particularly during its second period. But the Church is divided in two factions: on the one side those who genuinely still believe in the supernatural, on the other those who assert that they believe in it but are intent to make history advance at the same time only by means of human effort, of reason ,activity, efficiency, “culture” thus downplaying the Tradition(Eucharist) to a plain inspiration and abstraction.

On the other hand it is useless to try and convince skeptics and the modern “Pharisees”, because even now – as they used to be before- they are extremely intransigent towards anything that causes them to take a distance from their comfortable situation to which they have devoted their priesthood. From those who teach that God’s miracles were only symbolic or pious factual stories forthcoming from a primitive community which doubted about the Real Presence in the Eucharist, how can one expect these people to show an interest for such appearances?