Messages from an Inner Voice

During those years Toni also had messges in form of an inner voice, that he felt to communicate in public and that are stated hereinafter :

Message of the  "Holy Wednesday" on April 14th 2014  

At the "Sacra Famiglia" Chuch in Bolzano, during the Eucharistic Adoration Hour. 

"You must say things that have never been told in a church all around the world : you must say it in the Church of San Pio X in Bolzano, the day after tomorrow, on friday during the Ceremony of the Kissing  the Cross. You will stai in the queue with the others and when it's your turn you stop and say loud:

  • My most dreadful suffering was the imposition of the crown of thorns. They put it on my head with violence and brutality, it peforated my ears, the neck and my cranium. An atrocious suffering, that I suffered for your liberation and freedom. Thank you Jesus.

You kiss the Cross and go to your place. "

  • In follow to this Message of an inner voice, Toni has been welcomed by the Bishop and he send a letter to the Pope.
  • This image of Jesus with the Crown of Thorns was donated by a devoted person. 
  • The picture became a blessed holy picture that was donated to the devoted people during hte Holy Mass on June 27th 2015.

The "Propecy" 

Concerning the Parish Priest of Settequerce 

One Sunday Morning in 2010 after attending the second Mass in the Parish Church of Settequerce, following the indications of the Holy Spirit to "receive" and "donate" peace, Toni "heard" the Voice of Jesus that told him: 

"Tell the Parish Priest that I thought about him for a PAYBACK"

Toni could not understand the meaning of the message and asked Jesus " Lord what is a PAYBACK?" Jesus answerded: 

  • "When a person glorifies himself is humiliated and when he or she is humiliated is glorified"

Toni communicated the message to the Parish Priest; he thought that it could be the party for his birthday that should take place in the month of August of the same year.

After 4 years from that day, on June 28th 2014 the Parish Priest of Settequerce that had been sent to this small village after big problems as he was in Munich (D) as Grand Master of the Teutonic Holy Order, he was re elected as Prior of the Teutonic Holy Order in follow of his full rehabilitation. 

Firs messages to the public

Received during the "Sun Phenomenon" 

For the inhabitants of Bolzano and its Province (1997)

Stop! Go back to Church to attend the Holy Mass, the Eucharistic Adoration, the prayer of the Holy Rosary, the obedience to the Holy Gospel before death caused by suicide befalls each of your families. Who believes shall see.

For the politicians of Bolzano and its Province (1997)

Do not worry more than necessary, because by the year 2050 the greater part of the inhabitants of Bolzano will have almond-shaped eyes. The one who laughs last, laughs well. For God nothing is impossible.