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From"Alto Adige" del 21.8.96

"Toni the healer?"

Franz Demetz, representative of the SVP(South Tyrolese People’s Party), mayor of St.Christina and former provincial counsellor , ponders for one moment: that name rings a bell in his mind. “certainly I remember him –admits Demetz- how could I have forgotten him?”.

Is it true that he healed you?

“ For years I have suffered from severe back aches. When the weather was changing, the pains became stronger. One day, three or four years ago, Toni came by at my Hotel: because of the strong pains I felt bent in two pieces. He told me he would be able to help me. I was doubtful since he is not a physician but a frozen food merchant. I asked him what I had to do and he advised me to pray for Our Lady Mary”

To try would not cost anything. “Being a catholic, I prayed without difficulties. In the meantime Toni had placed his hands on my back just on the spot where I felt the pain and he appealed to Our Lady”.

And did you miraculously heal?

“ I could mention a series of cases –says the clairvoyant – in which I have placed my hands, prayed and Jesus has done the healing.”. The miraculously healed persons belong to those ethnical groups: Italian, German and Ladin, which will certainly please the supporters who advocate living together.

“ One –he remembers- is a politician, an important person within the SVP: his name is Franz Demetz, former mayor of Santa Christina. I have known him for many years because I sued to go to his Hotel “Villa Pallua” to deliver frozen products.”.

And what was his problem?

“ He was suffering from sever back aches. One day I saw him: he was bending over because of the terrible pains. I felt very sorry for him and tried to help him. At the beginning he was doubtful and then he let me do. I placed my hands on his back and appealed to the Lord : “ I beg you to show your power and your glory. Glory be to God, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was from the beginning now and forever, amen.”. The pain disappeared by magic.”.

“ I did not know what happened –says Demetz- I do not know if one can talk about healing. For sure I felt an intense heat and from that moment the pain disappeared. Funny, not so?”. But did you know that Our Lady appeared to the healer at Seven Oaks?

“ I did not know it. I discovered it the other day by watching TV: they showed the place of the appearance at Seven Oaks. Then they zoomed into those two paintings of Our Lady and I remembered that Toni had brought two poster size images of the crying Lady to my wife.”.

“ Yes, it’s all true. Toni the salesman of frozen foodstuffs has healed me not only once, but two times: first from my back aches, the pains were so severe that medicines could not help and afterwards from heart ailments.”. Karl Laimer, the cook at the Hotel “Nalserhof” at Nalles, one day was laughing about this, but today he is convinced that the clairvoyant Toni has miraculous hands.

He, the main figure of the healing, has kept silent for twenty years, because the priests had told him to keep his mouth shut. It was too risky to tell the world that he had talked to Jesus for ten days and ten nights, to have been chosen for the New Evangelisation, to have seen Our Lady in the small woods at the top of Father Romedius street at Seven Oaks.

The clairvoyant is ready to speak at one condition: to preserve the anonymity. Many people know him, but little is known about him ; for everybody else he is Mr.Toni, 60 years of age, retired merchant of frozen products. He lives at Bolzano , but to meet him one has to go to Seven Oaks: every day of the year, between two and three in the afternoon he goes to pray to Our Lady, just there where she appeared on Sept. 27th., 1992.

“Twenty years ago – he explains - Jesus has talked to me, I have been in the Other World and found out that it is a marvellous sensation, Jesus has chosen me, who had not been to Church for 25 years, for a New Evangelisation of the world and from that day my life has radically changed: I am not interested in money, houses or cars.”.

Ci ha provato e l' hanno preso per pazzo. Inevitabile Lui lo sa: può ringraziare ii professor Basaglia, padre della legge 180 che ha eliminato i manicomi se non è stato internato.

"Adesso però - dice - ho deciso di parlare e poi accada quel che accada. Non per farmi pubblicità, non mi interessa, ma voglio che il mondo sappia, anche se molti rideranno. I giornalisti hanno scoperto il luogo dell'apparizione, a questo punto non ha più senso tacere".

Il veggente racconta, ad una condizione pero: conservare l'anonimato. Lo conoscono in molti, ma di lui si sa poco: per tutti è il signor Toni, 60 anni, rappresentante di prodotti surgelati in pensione. Abita a Bolzano, ma per incontrarlo bisogna andare a Settequerce: tutti i giorni dell'anno, dalle due alle tre del pomeriggio, va a pregare la Madonna lì dove gli è apparsa il 27 settembre del 1992.

"Vent'anni fa - spiega Gesù mi ha parlato, sono stato nell'Aldilà ed ho scoperto che è una cosa meravigliosa. Gesù ha scelto me, che non andavo in Chiesa da 25 anni, per una nuova evangelizzazione del mondo e la mia vita da quel giorno è cambiata radicalmente: non mi interessano più i soldi, le case, le macchine".

He tried to speak out but they thought he was insane. Unavoidable and he knows it: he can thank Prof. Basaglia who introduced the Law 180 by which mental hospitals were abolished, for not having been admitted to one of them.

“ But now –he says- I have decided to speak up and then may happen what will. It does not interest me to make publicity for myself, but I want the world to know this, although many will scoff at me. The journalists have found out where the appearances take place, therefore there is no reason for keeping quiet.”.

Another example always at Santa Christina. The owner of a well known Hotel had such serious pains at her knees that at times she could not walk. Toni met her always for the same reasons: he used to go to her Hotel to sell frozen foodstuffs. “ I do not want that my name appears in the press – said the lady – anyhow everything is true:Toni healed me. I did not have any more problems. Besides mine, there are other cases.”.

The clairvoyant healer tells us also about that other Hotel owner of Scena who had a polyp in her throat: the doctors had told her that she had to undergo surgery. He healed her.

“ When she went to the clinic to be admitted for surgery –she tells- the physicians could not believe their eyes : the polyp had disappeared. And then there is the story of that boy of Caldaro, son of the owner of the Hotel “Zum Turm”, an unbelievable matter.”.

Was he also miraculously healed?

“ One day I went to their Hotel and the boy’s mother explained that her son had a severe headache : very acute pains. He had not slept the whole night because he had to clear the water from the cellar of the hotel and the pain had grown worse: also his forehead had swollen.

I felt very sorry for that young man: I placed my hands on his head, I appealed to the Lord and he was healed.. Also the swelling had disappeared.”.

Siegfried who had been healed admits: “ When he placed the hands on me I felt a great heat on my head and the pain that had been caused by a chronic form of sinusitis disappeared. It repeats itself once or twice a year, not more. This kind of headache never used to abandon me before.”.

One should never ask the clairvoyant how much one has to pay to get healed, he might get offended: “Obviously nothing. They do not have to thank me, but Our Lady that appeared at Seven Oaks. Also the water of the creek that flows from San Genesio is miraculous”.

Toni has no doubts: he has healed ill people that did not have any hope of survival, like that boy of Lana condemned by a brain cancer. “ The doctors – remembers the clairvoyant – had given him a three month’s time frame to live. His mother had not given up. She brought him to Seven Oaks, she moistened him with the creek’s water and we prayed together, he healed.”. Who is he, what’s his name?

“ I never ask the name and address of the persons healed by Our Lady. I only know that now the boy is doing fine and this satisfies me.”

(article by Antonella Mattioli – A.Adige 21.8.96)