The Prayer Group Siebeneich

The Prayer Group Siebeneich prays for your intention that will remembered during the daily meetings for the Rosary Prayer as well as during the evening meetings every thursday at the Church of San Pio X in Bolzano.   

The prayer meetings are carried out continuously.

Anybody may attend and meet “Toni” who avoids publicity about his person, preferring to stay aside and only wanting to show people the facts that he has witnessed and that even now are taking place, recalling a forgetful humanity dedicated to material worries, to the conversion and to a true return to God.


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La brochure del Gruppo Preghiera Settequerce
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Parish Curch of Settequerce / Siebeneich

39018 Settequece/Siebeneich (BZ)



San Pio X Church

via Barletta 2

39100 Bolzano


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