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In the last months the “phenomenon of the sun” has been frequently noticed on that spot by the clairvoyant himself and by numerous other pilgrims: the fact of being able to observe freely and without any filters the sun for a long time happens is casual. The sun itself then “moves” giving the impression of pulsating or dancing. It is a supernatural phenomenon and many pilgrims returning from Medjugorje and from other well known miraculous places have experienced it.

The most famous and well documented example of this century is the one of Fatima in 1917 .

"Phenomenon of the Sun"

Holy Mass at the Shrine on September 27th 2014

During the Holy Gospel 

Attention is being drawn to the fact that the phenomenon of the sun is a gift of God which can be enjoyed until it lasts: if by staring at the sun one feels strong troubles, you should stop looking immediately in order to avoid serious and irreversible damages to the retina. This means that the phenomenon has ceased and that one should not persevere.