In Settequerce (Siebeneich) in the Province of Bolzano there happen and happened extraordinary phenomena. The local newspapers and televisions as well those of abroad often reported about these facts. 

The Apparition Place is situated in Settequerce (Siebeneich) in the Province of Bolzano. There you can find a shrine that has been strongly desided by "Toni", the clairvoyant in follow of a series of apparitions and visions and messages from an inner voice, that started between September 20th and 30th 1976.  Among these phenomenas there has also been the Apparition of the Vergin Mary on September 27th 1992. 

Since more than 35 years "Toni" is the protagonist of all these phenomena that are still happening from time to time. 

In this place Toni had the Apparition of the Virgin Mary in two occasions. She looked like the two pictures we published here. The images have been elaborated by a painter according to Toni's description.