Lettere al Papa

Letter to Pope Francis written on 5/11/2014
This letter has been written after the Message of Internal Voice of the Holy Wednesday 2014 at the Church of the "Sacra Famiglia" of Bolzano , during the Eucharistic Adhoration Hour .
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Prima Lettera al Papa

Most Blessed Father,

My name is Nello Rizzati born on Jan.13th.1933 and live at Bolzano, Bivio str. 22.

After a whole life spent far from God and from the Holy Church, the Lord with his unending goodness and mercy entered into my life and I was converted to Him.

He condescended to talk to me and told me:

“I want to save the world, but I do not need people, theologians, philosophers who wish to add something about themselves besides what I have already revealed. I call to me people, men, women, persons of good will who know and want to walk through the streets and squares of villages and of cities to spread My gospel in a new fashion and with a new method.
The salvation of the world shall begin from these mountains. I have chosen one on which I wish a Chapel with a nearby house be built, where those persons called upon to fulfill this mission shall be trained.
Relate to My Vicar the Roman Pontiff that I would welcome him to come here to this mountain riding a Palestinian donkey as reparation for all the offences made towards me by members of the ecclesiastic hierarchy.
With this act of mercy all the offences made to me shall be forgiven.
Also tell Him that when He comes He shall hold in His arms the portrait of My Mother, the Holy Virgin, a statue or painting as He prefers and from the moment it will be laid in the Church it will work miracles.
Many persons as numerous as the leaves that cover the trees of the mountain shall climb up there hailing and thanking the Lord.
Report to the Holy Father that all this shall happen if He approves it and with His consent all that has been foretold shall happen, but without His approval nothing will come out of it.”

Your Holiness, the Lord has told me to leave everything in Your hands. Already seventeen years ago what I am telling to Your Holiness had been revealed to me.

It’s been one month already that the Holy Spirit is pushing me to give You this message. I cannot withstand this force, I cannot deny this Spirit of Love which is asking me to do so.

With humility I beg Your Holiness to bestow upon me the Apostolic benediction.

Bolzano, 13th. February 1994

There is a second letter addressed to the Pope, in which the seer reports a new appearance of Sept. 27th, 1992.