The Following Months

On the following evening

at about 11 p.m. while I was lying down, thinking about my story and guessing whom I could have trusted to tell it, all of a sudden a huge light coming from the window invaded my room. I opened my arms and said:

  • My Lord this is too much for me in such a short time!

As soon as I spoke these words the light dimmed..

After these happenings my lifestyle changed. I started to attend Church again and visited most churches at Bolzano and surroundings, particularly the Church of the Sacred Heart in Roggia street. In this last Church I became a steady patron for the Eucharistic worship which was being held every evening from 21.00 to 22.00 hrs. On the last Friday of the month of January 1977 at 21.00 hrs. while praying at the Church of the Sacred Heart, my hair began to move while from my forehead trickles of blood started to flow immobilising my head. I stood still in that wonderful posture, I think I was in a real ecstatic condition. I closed my eyes and a white cloud in the form of a human face, which I had never seen before, appeared. First the hair took shape, then the bloodstained forehead, the eyes (closed), the nose, the mouth and the remaining part of the face. It was a marvellous vision and I shouted:

  • Speak to me My Lord, speak to me, do not go away!

But the white cloud regained its shape and the vision disappeared. I looked around fearing that the people next to me were staring at me since I had shouted loudly, but instead everybody was absorbed in their prayers as if they had not heard anything.

One week later, always during the evening worship, I noticed a lady reading a flyer with a lovely printed image of Jesus.

  • I asked her to show it to me and with great emotion I recalled that the image was the “face” I had seen in my vision. I exclaimed that I had seen it and she explained that it was the Holy Face given to St. Veronica, the original of which is in Rome.