Toni, born at Monselice in 1933 and transferred to Bolzano to pursue the business of his father, had soon stopped attending Church and taking the Sacraments. In the period of absence from his spiritual life he had lived fairly well and did not do anything particularly harmful, he only lived freely taken up by human matters, by his work, by material worries never bothering about his soul.

Interesting is the fact that after 25 years of absence from the Church he attended the Holy Mass: as soon as he stepped into the Church he was surprised that the priest was celebrating the Mass in Italian. He remembered when it was officiated in Latin!

After those 10 days of intense mystical experience nothing could have remained as it used to be before. In the years 1977-1978 and 1979 he went to the Holy Land as a pilgrim and also on those occasions he noticed a special presence of the Lord in his life.

He attended Mass twice a day: in the morning for his own soul and in the evening to pray for the others, particularly to make amendments due to the fact that his relatives never used to attend the service.

Successively he came into contact with a movement called “The renewal of the Spirit” which he attended intensively, following their spiritual approach, specially by attending the meetings with Father Tissot Renato.

In 1985 for the first time he arrived at Medjugorje and went there successively for six times. The last time in 1991 before the war started he personally met the clairvoyant Mirjana to whom he extensively explained his story. On the following year, since Mirjana Dragicevic was at Merano, they had another conversation during which Mirjana reported the words that Our Lady had confided to her with reference to Toni. He was as a matter of fact worried because the years were passing without being able to figure out how he could accomplish the mission bestowed upon him, asking some enlightenment about it. The answer of the Holy Virgin Mary through Mirjana was that “ it would not be necessary to speak about Toni and his case, because She knew it very well and was inviting him to persevere saying daily the Rosary for the unbelievers and to ask to celebrate every month a Mass for the peace on earth”.