It all started during the night on September 20th 1976.

It all started during the night on Sept.20th. 1976.

I dreamt to be in St.Peter’s Square in Rome: the Pope was speaking from his balcony and there were individuals trying to throw him down. I shouted: no! no! and with one hand I pushed him back inside. Soon afterwards he was still talking from the central lodge of the Basilica and even from there they tried to push him over; I shouted again and by force placed him back in his normal posture.

At this point a Voice told me:

  • Why do you want to save the Pope?

I replied:

  • I want to save him!

The Voice then set forth:

  • the Pope’s destiny is a violent death; only you can change his destiny.

I woke up breathless and ran into the bathroom to refresh my face, thinking about this strange dream.

The Voice repeated:

  • It wasn’t a dream, it’s Us that want to talk to you.

It looked as if somebody wanted to read my mind. The Voices were normally two talking in turns and I understood that they were the Voices of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit. I looked around but did not see anybody, the Voice seemed to come from nowhere. Disturbed I went back to my room and lay on the bed, trying to regain sleep and not to ponder over it. But the Voice started again and said:

  • Come with Us and we will show you what you have to do.

Then something fantastic happened together with a wonderful sensation: it was like a hurricane, I did not understand anything and noticed that I was leaving my body behind to follow “Them”. I saw my body motionless in the bed while I was moving away.

I felt very well and was just wondering how such a thing could happen, while thinking about the possible reactions of my relatives should they have entered my room.

They brought me to a church near a construction, a kind of mausoleum, which vaguely reminded me about the Dome of Milan, on top it had pointed pinnacles with seams on the sides. They led me holding me by my shoulders: I tried to turn around to see who was guiding me, but they pushed me forward saying:

Isn’t it enough for you to hear the Voice? Do not look behind you.

I walked sideways of the Church on a ground that looked like a lawn strewn with crosses like a cemetery. When we almost arrived at the end they told me:

On the surrounding wall there is a detached piece of plaster with a peculiar shape, like an image: "you’ll find it on the wall: this image is a sign which together with a similar other sign, will show you the place in which you can save the Pope. This place is actually in a certain village : tomorrow report everything to Sister X of the Institute of St. Nicholas at Merano, otherwise people might think you are insane, but with its testimony it won’t be so."